Put the square footage you need (it will round up to the nearest carton) into your cart, enter your shipping and payment information and pay. You know the drill! This is the straight forward, no nonsense, no haggling way to order!


4500PLUS– FOR $150 OFF OF $2500 OR MORE

3500PLUS– FOR $100 OFF OF $3500 OR MORE

2500PLUS– FOR $50 OFF OF $2500 OR MORE

We accept all major credit cards online. Advantage of ordering this way: You don’t need to wait on us to quote, and we process these orders as soon as they come in. Even if you order at 1am, we start with these in the morning when we get in to our office (sorry we don’t work in the middle of the night, we just like to make you think we do!).


A lot of times, we can’t be sure to show the best bottom dollar price when we list it online. I know, bummer. It’s the manufacturer’s rules and we respect that. It’s called Minimum Advertised Pricing guidelines, and because we honor their rules, we can sell these products. The best thing you can do is request a quote from us if you have large volume, special shipping circumstances- delayed shipping, shipping to a business, pick up at a terminal, a product backorder, or if you just like to drive a hard bargain and have a little back and forth with some fun nice people.

When you get a quote from us, we will provide our lowest price per square foot plus shipping cost. You can pay via ACH for no additional charges, or we charge 2.5% for credit cards. We don’t charge a credit card fee through the online cart, because the cost is built into the price in the online store, but we give you the option of paying by ACH and saving a little via quote.


Yes, it’s a robot, BUT JUST AT FIRST! Answer those questions that we need to know, and you’ll get an answer from one of our NICE associates ASAP. We will shoot you back a price via text or email, whichever you prefer.


1-888-633-6506 and you can talk to one of our NICE Associates, ask any questions you have if you don’t feel like going through our FAQ, or filling out a request a quote form, or adding the product to your cart and paying online. We are here for you! There’s a reason our team has gotten us a, NOT KIDDING 5***** REVIEW reputation on Google!