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What our customers think about us

Alissa E.
Brookfield, WI
Resolved Issues -- Easy To Work With!

We ordered over $6,000 of hardwood flooring from nicefloors.com. Unfortunately, there was a defect with the ENTIRE pallet. The team at nicefloors.com were very professional and quickly helped to resolve. We ended up ordering from them another manufacturer’s flooring which we hadn’t seen before. Looks amazing. Their customer service is one of the best that I have ever experienced! I would not hesitate again to order from them and recommend to others.

Bill R.
Ocean Springs, MS
Very Good Company To Do Business With

Very good company to do business with.

Rose M.
Brandon , FL
Great Products, Great Price; Excellent Customer Service

I was interested in purchasing Bella Cera engineered hardwood flooring and wood trims. I found the product locally but the price was expensive. I went shopping online and found NiceFloors. The products were excellent, the prices were better than found locally, and the customer service was great. They responded quickly each time I contacted them and kept me informed during the process. I would definitely recommend NiceFloors to anyone looking for quality flooring products.

Eric H.
San Jose, CA
Great Price

I almost felt bad when my local store tried to get my business by giving me a 20% discount, because it was no where near nicefloors’ price. Nicefloors.com beat everyone else I found online and local by a mile. The shipping was smooth, so was the transaction.

The only complaint I had was that the customer service gave me a trained response on technical questions, which wasn’t very helpful, but every store was like that.

Jeff L.
Bozeman, MT
Great Service Compared To The Competitors That Were Attempted

All of the telephone and email customer service experience that I had were fantastic! The folks at NiceFloors were there to help us make informed decisions and talk to us about all of the details that we might have overlooked.
We highly recommend using NiceFloors. The biggest surprise was flat shipping rates….$99 to our commercial space. The competitor had our flooring for $.10 less per square foot but wanted $2100 for shipping. NiceFloors was also offering a special that included all of the transition pieces for FREE.
Great Job and thank you for the awesome experience

Sy S.
Houston, TX
Superior Service And Product Satisfaction

I cannot say enough good things about NiceFloors.com service from the start. My project required about 2600 sq. ft. of 7″ Engineered Vinyl Plank COREtec Flooring by US Floors. NiceFloors.com delivered on time, under budget and with excellent service. When I contact the staff at NiceFloors they were exceptionally knowledgeable and friendly about a wide variety of products. Bottom line: they had the product I was looking for and fairly set my expectations for total cost and approximate delivery time. NiceFloors ended up delivering early and came in way under budget. I saved an astonishing $3,000 over my next best bid for the same product and had one of the best services experiences in a long time. Honestly, I cannot be more pleased. Moreover, after I received the Luxury Vinyl Planks about a week before I expected them, they followed up with me to make sure that everything was in order and fielded a series of questions relating to clarification on technical specs and installation best practices. Essentially, they walked me through every step of the process with superior professionalism. I plan on recommending them every time. Not to mention the fact that my house guests love my floors. Thank you NiceFloors!

Christine B.
Brighton , MI
Great Service!

Great buying experience. They helped me locate the correct floor, kept me updated and delivered as promised. ❤️

Laurel Z.
Brighton, MI
The Best Price & Great Service Too!

My husband and I were working on opening a new store and had a very specific flooring that we needed in order to follow our franchise recommendations. I got quotes from 5 different vendors and Nice Floors had the best price. Feeling a little leery as to why they were such a low price I did some on-line research and found they had GREAT reviews. So, I called to place our order and everything worked out perfectly. They explained exactly what I would need to install our flooring ourselves, asked about threshold and reducers (which I didn’t know I needed so they saved me there!) and the flooring was delivered on-time. We’ve gotten a ton of compliments on our store’s floors and I’ve told EVERYONE about Nice Floors.com. Best price and great service!

D D.
Denver, CO
HIGHLY Recommend Chris And His Team!

I ordered 900+ square feet of CoreTec from Nicefloors and worked with both Chris and Ashley. Everything was seamless and accurate right from the get go. 1500 pounds of flooring was delivered to Denver and everything was in perfect condition. Halfway into the installation, I thought we needed an extra box and called Chris in a panic. We had some miscommunication and he sent it out immediately without even taking my payment! When I called him and told him I wouldn’t need it, he said “Don’t worry, just refuse the delivery and we’ll pay for the shipping back.” I was so happy with both the product and service that I refer Nicefloors to everyone. To date, two colleagues have purchased the same flooring. One was too nervous to buy online through Nicefloors.com and she paid over $1 more per square foot than my other colleague who took my recommendation and ordered with Nicefloors. I renovate houses and will not hesitate to use Chris and his team again!

Jennifer M.
Warren, OH

I couldn’t have had a better experience with an on-line purchase for flooring than with Nice Floors. The customer service girls were extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend Nice Floors to anyone looking for savings on flooring and with dealing with knowledgeable, helpful people.