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Carpet has an almost magical power. It can transform the personality of a room and help define the style of a space from formal to relaxed to contemporary. Two of its primary advantages are its warmth and softness. It also serves to diminish the sounds in a room. Carpet’s story plays out in colors, textures, and patterns as easily as it does in functionality. At Nice Floors, Louisville’s complete flooring resource, we offer the industry’s most recognized brands. You can rely on our experienced staff to install your new carpet quickly and professionally.


Many of Louisville’s top interior designers set the scene of a home with Mohawk carpets. They appreciate SmartStrand® for its superior durability and softness, as well as a lifetime stain and soil resistance that’s built in, not sprayed on. Homeowners love that its protection will never wash off, yet the carpet is easy to clean with only water.

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SmartStrand Zoo Challenge: The Carpet Wins!

Six African Elephants, Three Camels and One Black Rhino can’t crush or stain Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet! After three weeks inside the enclosures at the Dallas Zoo, SmartStrand Carpet comes out the winner! Watch this video to see how it comes clean and snaps back originally to shape!

SmartStrand Showcase with Martha

Join Martha Stewart as she introduces viewers to the revolutionary SmartStrand carpet. Known for her expertise in home and lifestyle, Martha demonstrates the unparalleled features and benefits of this cutting-edge flooring solution.

In the video, Martha guides viewers through the remarkable qualities of SmartStrand carpet, highlighting its durability, stain resistance, and luxurious feel. With her signature charm and attention to detail, she showcases various designs and styles available, emphasizing how SmartStrand seamlessly integrates into any home décor.