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River City Flooring’s star-studded hardwood flooring collection showcases Somerset, Armstrong,  Johnson, Bella Cera and Mullican, in addition to other top-quality products. Walk into our showroom and imagine our oak, maple, hickory, acacia, seringa, and birch perfectly at home on your floors. You will also be surprised by the colors and graining of exotic species such as ipe, tiger wood, merbau, and santos mahogany. Running the gamut from rustic to sophisticated, today’s flooring is full of the unexpected. What’s fresh and new? Wire Brushed, Handscraped, Wider planks and random widths are hitting the pages of home design magazines, but traditional floors also live on in spectacular renditions like Prolex Pacific Collection and Somerset Color Collection. Advances in design and manufacturing now enable wood flooring to be installed anywhere in your home or business. However, the location will determine the type of wood flooring that should be used. The professionals at River City Flooring can help you determine the most suitable wood for your application. Below are some guidelines to keep in mind, as well as products in some of our most popular styles which you can see in our showroom. Or choose some samples you’d like to see by going to our In Home Shopping page. Schedule a time for us to do a free estimate and show you samples of floors you think you’d like in your home.

Solid Hardwood

This type of flooring is a solid piece of wood from top to bottom. The thickness can vary, but generally ranges from 3/4″ to 5/16″.  One of the many benefits of smooth solid wood flooring is that it can be sanded and refinished numerous times through the years. This adds great value to your home at resale, as a prospective buyer may appreciate being able to change the color or finish. Another important feature of solid floors is that they can be installed above or on grade (not typically over concrete like a main floor slab or a basement). If you currently have solid flooring in your home but want to replace it with something pre-finished and more current in trends than the old 2-1/4″ oak, you will want to replace that solid floor with another solid floor to avoid replacement of door casings and thresholds which will be in place for a 3/4″ thickness floor. Solid wood floors are available as unfinished or pre-finished. We have many different textured floors- handscraped, saw mark, and wire brushed in addition to smooth to give your flooring style new character in your home. For a more textured look, be sure to ask us to bring samples from selections of Saw Mark Pacific Pecan (saw mark), Comfort Series Birch (handscraped), Sante Cruz Oak (wire brushed) or Asian Walnuts (handscraped) when we do our Free Estimate for your In Home Shopping experience.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood flooring is nearly always pre-finished. The hardwood is pre-finished with a color and either a polyurethane or oiled surface at the factory. They do not require sanding or finishing. Many of these can be glued down or floated to go over slab or basement floors as opposed to solid hardwood. Engineered floors are more dimensionally stable. They have a real hardwood veneer plus a sealer – oil or urethane. This is usually attached to a plywood or MDF core. It makes it more dimensionally stable which means it is less susceptible to gaps, cupping, or splitting caused by swings in humidity levels. If you like wider plank boards- greater than 5″, like our Mountain Lodge White Oak Tree Line 7″- you will want to look at engineered products. While engineered floors can be sanded and refinished, the process cannot be done as many times as it can with solid wood flooring. The number of times it can be sanded and refinished depends on the thickness of the top wear layer.  Some of our most popular brands of pre-finished floors are Mohawk, Mullican, Shaw, SLCC Flooring, Aurora, Bella Cera, Provenza, Hallmark Floors, and the Kentucky made Somerset. For direction on which samples to choose , we suggest: for classic smooth looks, choose from Mullican’s colors; for wide plank options choose from Chateau colors or Wire Brushed and Distressed Oak; for handscraped looks choose from Everton, Vintage View, Duval, or Weathered Portrait options. Vintage View and Weathered Portrait are very popular due to the unique multiple width character of these floors. Everyone also loves the engineered acacia, (especially Bronze!)

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