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Best Practices For Placing An Order

Be sure to order enough.

Measurements are vital when determining the amount of flooring you need. We recommend your square footage + 5-10% waste*. (Don’t forget closets!) The price will change if you purchase a smaller volume down the road so be sure to get the square footage correct! You don’t want too much either because there is a 25% re-stocking fee + return freight on most products.

*Waste is needed in case you may not like some boards or tiles and to also have enough leftover should a board or tile be damaged through water leaks or other detrimental events.

See the product in person first.

I know you are buying online and the pictures can look great! But it is important to see the product in person in a store first or if we have a sample we would love to send it to you. You can’t see texture and sheen, or even true color on the computer screen. Be sure to view it in person first to ensure you love it as much as you think you do!

Give yourself enough time to order and receive the floor.

Unfortunately ordering and shipping floors is not as easy as being a Prime Member of Amazon. We wish! Be sure to give yourself enough time when you place your order. We recommend ordering 2-3 weeks out at least from when you need it. Some products demand longer lead times due to stocking situations, travel time, or even manufacturing. There is no real way to rush most orders either since everything travels via LTL freight. This is a vital component when ordering your floor!

Don’t schedule an installer until you have the product.

This goes in tandem with the above tip. Timelines are volatile when dealing with shipping and distribution. We advise it’s in your best interest and the installer’s to make sure the product is in hand before the job is scheduled. Inclement weather can delay the shipment, or even something as simple as a truck driver getting sick in transit (it has happened!) We don’t want this to be a reason your schedule falls through, so we suggest waiting to schedule until you have it! This will allow floors to acclimate if necessary also.

Consider what other accessories you may need.

This will be something to discuss with your installer or examining the installation instructions if you are doing it yourself. Ordering trims, transitions, adhesive, and underlayment are all elements of installation to consider purchasing with the floor. If you are not sure about trims and transitions at the time of purchase, we propose ordering these a little later as these are all made to order and CANNOT be returned. Nearly ALL TRIMS must be shipped separately for a separate shipping charge because they are made to order, and/or cannot be set on top of the pallet because they are longer than the typical pallet size. We have seen them get separated from the pallet or broken too many times!