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December 27, 2017

How to Incorporate Barn Wood Inspired Floors into Your Home

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you’ve probably noticed that barn wood is everywhere. It’s a hot design element that’s especially popular in farmhouse décor. But what is barn wood exactly? Well, it’s just what the name implies—wood salvaged from old barns. This sort of wood is loved for its weathered, aged character and is usually found in shades of grey, though it can also appear in a variety of faded brown hues.

Though the look of barn wood is popular, the real stuff is hard to come by. As its popularity increases it becomes even more difficult to find, and in some cases, can be pricey to obtain from those who have caught on to the trend.

What you will most often find in retail stores is décor, furniture, or flooring that has been designed to look like aged barn wood while not having actually been pulled off the side of a barn somewhere in the countryside. Most barn wood style floors are vinyl.

But barn wood isn’t just limited to farmhouse décor! If you’ve fallen in love with the look of barn wood but your tastes don’t lean towards farmhouse style, you can still incorporate it into your home. Here are five ways you can incorporate barn wood inspired floors into your interior design for an eye-catching effect. 

1. Farmhouse Style

Barn wood is most popular in farmhouse décor. The white shiplap or board and batten walls commonly found in farmhouse décor pair beautifully with barn wood style floors. Any shade of weather-beaten gray or brown will create a warm contrast against white walls and add a touch of rustic charm. Accents like sliding barn doors and antique furniture also help pull this look together.

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2. Industrial Style

A barn wood floor that strays more into tones of worn brown is a great match for an industrial style home. Industrial style incorporates elements like metal accents, natural color tones, and exposed brick walls to create the feel of an urban loft. Reclaimed materials like old crates, spools, or barrels are often used as well. A barn wood floor is a wonderful way to bring rugged character to an industrial space.

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3. Scandinavian Style

A barn wood style floor in a shade of gray can also work well with Scandinavian décor. Scandinavian style uses lots of white and gray shades paired with modern furnishings and plush textiles. A rustic gray floor not only fits the color scheme of Scandinavian style but also creates textural interest.

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4. Coastal Style

If your décor style leans more towards coastal, a barn wood floor can finish off your room for a stunning look. Weathered gray floors give the appearance and feel of ocean-tossed driftwood. This blends well with the shades of white and light blue often found in coastal style, as well as décor elements such as seashells, glass, and wicker.

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5. Modern & Contemporary Styles

You might think that a barn wood floor wouldn’t work in a contemporary or modern home, but that’s not the case! An aged, rugged floor can create an unexpected and visually interesting contrast to a room styled with modern, sleek furnishings. This helps bring a more relaxed, lived-in vibe to the room as well as a layer of texture.

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