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May 6, 2019

Buying Floors Online? Why or Why Not?

Buying floors is a big decision both for the design and durability for your home, but also for your budget!

We have filled a niche through the years of being the go-to supplier for Do-It-Yourselfers who want a great floor at a great price; thrifty shoppers who know what they want, have an installer already, but need a little help to make their flooring selection work for their pocketbook; and for the builder/ remodeler/ designer/ installer population who take it on themselves to do some shopping for their customers to help them find the flooring within their budget OR to make a little mark-up on the product + labor. 

We operate a local installation and retail store in Louisville, KY. We know the value of a local dealer, however, we also know oftentimes a large project like floors is very budget driven. In the instance when you can do the project yourself, or “you got a guy”, buying online is a great second option that will fulfill your need to get the best floor at the best price! 

The most important aspect of buying your floor online?


We have been shipping floors across the country (and beyond in special cases! Hello, Canada and the UK!) for 7 years. In this time, we have learned a little bit and grown A LOT. We have shipped over 3000 times across the country into all 50 states, millions of square feet of flooring. We know floors, and we know logistics. We have over 3000 customers and over 170 reviews with an average of 5 STARS. For those who like math, 5% of our customers have left reviews (way above average) and they almost all unwaveringly give their support to buying from Nice Floors.

At this time, we don’t have a shopping cart on our site. While we know this may be seen as an inconvenience this day and age, there are so many variables to efficiently and transparently help you buy floors that we like to have a conversation about, even if it’s brief either through email or by phone.

What kind of variables do we need to talk about?

What type of trims and transitions may you need to install with your floor? We can help you decide what trims you need to purchase. Trims are non-returnable so we want you to get what you need and only what you need. There is no use in being stuck with a stick of something that is just the same color as your floor that you can’t use!

Can we save you money on freight? People usually fear that the cost of freight will counter any savings they may find buying the floor from a store outside their area. We have many tools at our fingertips to find a best freight rate, best ship to location and other options to help you save money. We are thrifty people here too and we love helping you find ways to save costs on your flooring! Ask us about freight savings, and watch our video here.

We quote everything based on volume. If you may have a need for more square footage or are considering doing additional areas later, we can help you find out if you will save more and if it would be worth it to purchase it all at once to get pallet pricing or lower shipping costs.

We can’t show pricing for several brands. Why is that? Many brands don’t like to make it easy to shop online to protect local dealers. We respect that. They want us to show a “Minimum Advertised Price”, but in reality, a lot of times we are more than willing to sell the floor to you for less than that, but we can’t put it in writing and we can’t show it online. It’s a pain, we know, but it’s a pain worth going through to help you SAVE so you can get the NICE FLOOR you’ve always wanted. 

All of the brand we sell online are first quality, warrantied products. We back our products and our manufacturers and distributors back us. We know the way of the future is through the internet and we have loved the journey of connecting customers all over ht ecountry with the floors they want with great service, pricing, and a little bit of love. 

We are a small business that loves to support customers making the big purchase and decision, no matter where you are in the U.S.

Give us a call now 1-888-633-6506 or email us info@nicefloors.com with what you’re looking for. We can’t wait to help you get the NICE FLOORS you’ve always wanted!