Made in America Floors

We are asked often about floors Made in America. It can be a tricky topic for several reasons. We want to explain to you what Made in America specifically means when we say it.

*American Trees

*American Mills

*American Distribution

Some brands that deal exclusively in these terms are Somerset, Anderson, and From the Forest. 

There are several other brands who product most of their products in America- those are Armstrong, Bruce, MaxWoods, and Mullican. We get questions a lot about American Made floors vs. Imported Floors.

What are the benefits of a Made in America floor?

*Ensuring American jobs are secured. Keeping money local.

Should I only look at American floors?

*No. There is so much oversight now with compliance and the Lacey Act that imported floors are a great choice as well. It just comes down to preference and your level of comfort.

How do the costs of American floors vs. Imported floors compare?

*Typically there is a little bit of a premium on non-imported floors but there are several brands that still are able to provide a great value for American floors. These companies understand that consumers are on a budget so do their best to keep their costs competitive.

Here are some popular designs that are Made in America that we love!

We love Walnut floors for their unique variations, smooth textures, and overall gorgeous durability. This is no exception. From the Forest products are made and milled right in Wisconsin. Be sure to check out the full line available here on our site.